Ever/After – A Beautiful Lie


October 2012 – JULY 2013
Full-length Original CD “A Beautiful Lie

1. Breakin’ Me
2. Starin’ At The Gun
3. Can’t Stop Love
4. Wait ‘Til Tomorrow
5. No More Promises
6. Evangeline
7. Best Of Me
8. Cry
9. Stop/Go

WombatStudio.Org worked with Ever/After to engineer, mix and master their full-length CD. Ever/After is a recording project comprised of guitarist Reggie Wu (Heavens Edge) and drummer Jim Drnec (Dead End Kids, Cinderella, Network). Also, David “Wombat” Pierron received producer credit along with Reggie Wu and Jim Drnec. Additionally features Buddy Cash (Hyde Your Daughters) on bass and vocalist Chris Thomas (Omniism).

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