EIan Thomas – Strange Beginning

eian-thomasEIan Thomas
May – August 2010
Strange Beginning


• EIan Thomas : Vocals/Guitar
• Tom Pierron : Guitars
• David Pierron : Bass
• Bob Eagan : Keyboards
• Bob Pirylis, Jr. : Drums

Audio: Latest Mix Aug 8: 17-Strange Beginning

My brother Tom told me about this guy (EIan Thomas) that recorded with a bunch of names that I would like to drop but I won’t. I just told him that I would like to record him for a sample song on this web site. He recorded this song in Nashville and I knew I could do a better job of it so we had a few whacks at it. After about 20 mixes, I think we got it pretty close.


UPDATE: Thursday August 8th, 2013; Mr. Thomas passed unexpectedly.

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