We were so thrilled at the job you did with our music! You absolutely CRUSHED these tunes and brought them to life the way we had been hearing them in our heads all along, if not even better. Thanks so much for making our project a reality. WOMBAT rocks.
— Jim Drnec : Ever/After, The Electric Boa, etc.

Excellent Job David!! You really got it rockin!!
— Reggie Wu : Heavens Edge, Ever/After

David, why aren’t you famous?
— Joe Mass

Local bands listen up, if u want a polished recording that won’t break the bank….look no further than Wombat!
— Brian Destremps : Black Sun Rising

Wombat rocks — excellent job mixing and helluva good guy — thanks again, Dave
— Ryan Valotta : Earthbound

I’ve worked with David & Wombat Studio for years with Octane and now Fosterchild. David’s ear and dedication to making my music sound the best it can be has yet to be matched, if it even could be. I’d recommend any musician to experience Wombat’s professionalism.
— Brian Quinn : founder, songwriter, & guitarist for national recording artist Fosterchild.

— Brian Bortnick : Octane

Best. Sound. EVER.
— Tyler Wilkins

thank you SO much for the mix! it turned out fantastic and i love the way it sounds. the dynamics are awesome and the way you put it together made it sound great! thank you! 🙂
— Jordy Lyric

Absoutley a 10!!!! Thanks for your ears, you, TP & Bobby Jr. should take all the credit. I was just along for the ride! All eyes & ears! Lookin forward to workin with you again. Need a list of ref’s & pics? let me know! http://www.showcaseyourmusic.com/ianthomas
— EIan Thomas

It's not the gear, it's the ear …