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Tommy Conwell

TommyConwellTommy Conwell

Tommy Conwell came in to record the anthem for Wing Bowl 2015.

Input list

  • Drums: Bob Pirylis, Jr.
    1. SubKick: Wombat
    2. Kick: Shure Beta-52
    3. Snare Top: Shure SM-57
    4. Snare Bottom: Shure SM-57
    5. Rack Tom: Sennheiser 421
    6. Floor Tom: Sennheiser 421
    7. Hat: Shure SM-81
    8. OH Left: MXL 2001
    9. OH Right: MXL 2001
    10. Ride: MXL 603
    11. Room: dbx RTA
  • Bass: Michael Vlaanderen
    1. Fender Jazz: Whirlwind IMP2
  • Guitar/Vocals: Tommy Conwell
    1. Gibson Les Paul Custom: Shure SM-57
    2. Gibson Les Paul Custom: Sennheiser 421
    3. Fender Telecaster: Shure SM-57
    4. Fender Telecaster: Sennheiser 421
    5. Vocals: Shure SM7b
  • Vocals: Brian Quinn
    1. Vocals: Shure SM7b


Ever/After is currently made up of guitarist Reggie Wu and drummer Jim Drnec. They’re calling it a recording project. Originally there were two more members, Mark Evans on bass and vocals along with John Dennis on guitar. Reggie and Mark are members of Heavens Edge, and Jim drummed for The Dead End Kids, Network, Cinderella and the list goes on.

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Recording, Mixing and Mastering Octane

When I started running sound for Octane back in September 2004, I never thought I’d ever record their music, I mean other than live. Over the years I started acquiring equipment for studio recording and along the way tracked some multi-track shows of theirs. Tin Angel shows, “Rise Up” CD Release show at Bootleggers and Brian Bortnick’s last night. I did this with a MOTU 24io straight out of the FOH console into Cubase SX3 and then remixed at home.

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