The Quick List

• Recording/Engineering/Tracking • Mixing • Mastering
• ReMixing • ReMastering • Drum Replacement • Voice Over

• CD Layout/Design – Create your whole package here and save a bunch.

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The first step in the process is recording (or tracking) the live tracks. The fancy term is engineering. The “Engineer” knows how to run the machines to make it happen. What this involves is the proper tools for the job of reproducing those sounds. Particular microphones at particular distances using particular pre-amps, gain, etc.. Recording to a device that can reproduce these sounds, I choose the computer. This is the first step towards a final product.


Once all tracks are recorded, the second step in the process is mixing all of the recorded sounds together to make something spectacular! Using all the tools available and some nifty tricks, this is where attention to detail is key. I hear everything and will listen to the mix over and over countless times. I will know every nuance of the particular piece and be able to address any issues that may have come up in tracking and fix those things. After applying all the alterations to simple EQ changes and track automation using the niftiest plugins around, a final mix will be achieved that you will love.

I can also mix tracks that were engineered elsewhere. Whether it’s via a project that I can open or individual WAV files, I can mix whatever it is that you give me. In this way, I can mix tracks from all over the world via the Internet. All I need do is give you FTP information and we’re off and running, er, mixing.


“Mastering” has become known as the final process in the chain, but its proper term is “pre-mastering”. Mastering is the actual creation of a glass master and mass production from that master. Regardless, I do what’s known as mastering. Keep in mind, garbage in, garbage out. Awesome mix in, awesome master out. As I write this, I find it very hard to explain the mastering process because it’s so different to just as many people.

How I approach mastering is finalizing the mix within the “loudness war” and still having it be something bearable to listen to, meaning not going overboard.  Besides that simple fact, there’s also the ability to have the mix played on a variety of devices outside the “studio” and have it translate well. It should sound just as great in your car or living room just as it did in the studio. Mastering is a very involved topic and I can only scratch the surface here. Just email me with any questions.

Same as mixing, I can master tracks that I didn’t mix. You can send me tracks via the Internet and I can complete them and get them back to you, I just need to get you FTP information.

All CDs go from my burner to DiscMakers (or your chosen duplicator)

Contact me if you have any questions.

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