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Jeffrey Gaines

jeffrey-gainesJeffrey Gaines

December 26th, 2013

A quick set with Jeffrey Gaines at the Bridgeport Ribhouse.

Kevin Burk asked me to come out and capture this performance.  It started out being just an acoustic with percussion and turned into a full band.  He also played 20 minutes shy of 4 hours straight!

Hopefully I’ll get to share some of this soon?  … and yes, he did “In Your Eyes” …

UPDATE April 14, 2015: It’s been almost a year and a half, so here’s a rough of “In Your Eyes” –


The Electric Boa – Drums

WombatStudio200The Electric Boa

The Electric Boa
Drum Tracking


Tracked Jim Drnec on drums for a forthcoming Electric Boa CD.

Drnec1Input List:

  1. SubKick (Homemade)
  2. Kick (Shure Beta52)
  3. Snare Top (Shure SM57)
  4. Snare Bottom (Shure SM57)
  5. Tom1 (Sennheiser E604)
  6. Tom2 (Sennheiser 421)
  7. Tom3 (Sennheiser 421)
  8. Tom4 (Sennheiser 421)
  9. Hat (Shure SM81)
  10. Left Overhead (MXL 2001)
  11. Right Overhead (MXL 2001)
  12. Ride (MXL 603)
  13. Room (dbx RTA)

Ever/After – A Beautiful Lie


October 2012 – JULY 2013
Full-length Original CD “A Beautiful Lie

1. Breakin’ Me
2. Starin’ At The Gun
3. Can’t Stop Love
4. Wait ‘Til Tomorrow
5. No More Promises
6. Evangeline
7. Best Of Me
8. Cry
9. Stop/Go

WombatStudio.Org worked with Ever/After to engineer, mix and master their full-length CD. Ever/After is a recording project comprised of guitarist Reggie Wu (Heavens Edge) and drummer Jim Drnec (Dead End Kids, Cinderella, Network). Also, David “Wombat” Pierron received producer credit along with Reggie Wu and Jim Drnec. Additionally features Buddy Cash (Hyde Your Daughters) on bass and vocalist Chris Thomas (Omniism).

Alexa Raquel

AlexaRaquelAlexa Raquel

October 2012
Alexa Raquel Originals

Singer Alexa Raquel can be seen most often rocking with her local tri-state area band “Wild Child.” She performs with other bands from time to time and has an upscale band to play corporate events, weddings and private affairs. Incredibly versatile she belts out metal to Mariah. Alexa has a back catalog of millions of original songs and we’ve started committing them to recordings one at a time. Excited to share samples as soon as possible!

Kevin Burk

KevinBurkKevin Burk

October 16, 2012
Kevin Burk Covers

Local singer Kevin Burk laying down some cover tunes for posterity. Kevin is front-man extraordinaire for “Patchwork” who play a lot of Chicago tunes and have had Chicago’s original drummer Danny Seraphine sit in numerous times. Kevin also joins singer Danny Beissel in an Elvis tribute and is joined here in the studio singing a Beatles tune together.

Vince Barilli

WombatStudio200Vince Barilli
October 2012
Vince Cover

Vince is recording a cover of Alter Bridge’s “In Loving Memory Of” for his brother. This was a collaboration with Brian Bortnick on guitar, Bob Pirylis, Jr. on drums and me on guitar, bass and engineering/mixing/mastering duties.