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Rock of Ages

Figured I would share one of the many things I do but don’t post on the website.  The Eagle Theatre had Rock of Ages to begin their 2017 season.  It sold out every night and even the added performance.  I run the live sound at the theatre.

This is the Rock of Ages session that was recorded for the theatre’s archival purposes.  I’m remixing it to sound WAY better than what the video guy got through the board.  This consists of Drums, bass, 3 guitars, 2 keyboards and 14 vocals – also in  the session is the conductor’s mic, a spare mic that lived on stage that sometimes was sung into as a prop, a MAC channel for sound effects and finally, the camera audio which is more of the room. You can click on the image for a 4k screenshot of the Pro Tools session.

Live sound is much different, and in this show’s case, the drums being in the room never made it into the PA, hence, not the board recording.

I asked for a low res video of the show so the remix can sound like it should by looking like it should.  If I decide to get fancy and start panning stuff, I want to make sure I go where the performance came from.

Anyway, it’s tedious and very time consuming so you better love what you do, and who doesn’t love mixing audio?

This session is approximately 2 hours long.  That’s about how long it took Andrew Scheps to explain to me how he mixed Green Day’s “Bang, Bang” which is a 3:26 song.  Considering that it takes anywhere from 4-10 hours to actually mix a 3:26 song, think of the time I’m spending in this Rock of Ages session.  *sigh* Also, everything has to be automated within one session to create one resulting file.  Can’t break them up and mix each individually so all levels, mutes, etc have to be done on a consistent two hour audio file.

… and they always ask how long it’s going to take – why does it take so long …

Ever/After drum session

Ever/After’s Jim Drnec in tracking drums for “Scars”, “In Deep” and “In Your Heart”.

1. Sub Kick – Homemade Wombat subkick
2. Kick – Beta 52
3. Snare Top – SM57
4. Snare Bottom – SM57
5. Tom1 – E604
6. Tom2 – MD421
7. Tom3 – MD421
8. Tom4 – MD421
9. Hat – SM81
10. LOH – MXL 2001
11. ROH – MXL 2001
12. Ride – MXL 603
13. Room – dbx RTA

Tommy Conwell

TommyConwellTommy Conwell

Tommy Conwell came in to record the anthem for Wing Bowl 2015.

Input list

  • Drums: Bob Pirylis, Jr.
    1. SubKick: Wombat
    2. Kick: Shure Beta-52
    3. Snare Top: Shure SM-57
    4. Snare Bottom: Shure SM-57
    5. Rack Tom: Sennheiser 421
    6. Floor Tom: Sennheiser 421
    7. Hat: Shure SM-81
    8. OH Left: MXL 2001
    9. OH Right: MXL 2001
    10. Ride: MXL 603
    11. Room: dbx RTA
  • Bass: Michael Vlaanderen
    1. Fender Jazz: Whirlwind IMP2
  • Guitar/Vocals: Tommy Conwell
    1. Gibson Les Paul Custom: Shure SM-57
    2. Gibson Les Paul Custom: Sennheiser 421
    3. Fender Telecaster: Shure SM-57
    4. Fender Telecaster: Sennheiser 421
    5. Vocals: Shure SM7b
  • Vocals: Brian Quinn
    1. Vocals: Shure SM7b

Ever/After II


On Saturday, July 19th, 2014 Infamous Philly Drummer Jim Drnec came in to lay drum tracks on the first 3 new Ever/After tunes for their second CD.

Check out this video from the session.

Input List:

  1. SubKick: homemade (6.5″ speaker)
  2. Kick: AKG D112
  3. Snare Top: Shure SM57
  4. Snare Bottom: Shure SM57
  5. Rack 1: Sennheiser E604
  6. Rack 2: Sennheiser MD421II
  7. Floor 1: Sennheiser MD421II
  8. Floor 2: Sennheiser MD421II
  9. Hat: Shure SM81
  10. LOH: MXL2001
  11. ROH: MXL2001
  12. Ride: MXL603
  13. Room: dbx RTA