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EIan Thomas – Strange Beginning

eian-thomasEIan Thomas
May – August 2010
Strange Beginning


• EIan Thomas : Vocals/Guitar
• Tom Pierron : Guitars
• David Pierron : Bass
• Bob Eagan : Keyboards
• Bob Pirylis, Jr. : Drums

Audio: Latest Mix Aug 8: 17-Strange Beginning

My brother Tom told me about this guy (EIan Thomas) that recorded with a bunch of names that I would like to drop but I won’t. I just told him that I would like to record him for a sample song on this web site. He recorded this song in Nashville and I knew I could do a better job of it so we had a few whacks at it. After about 20 mixes, I think we got it pretty close.


UPDATE: Thursday August 8th, 2013; Mr. Thomas passed unexpectedly.

FOSTERCHILD – Live Recording


June 2010
Live @ Roosevelt’s OOT Video

Video: Down to Us
Out On the Town and Roosevelt’s created this video either to promote Roosevelt’s or Fosterchild, it’s unclear, but the audio was captured track by track using the Presonus StudioLive 16-4-2 and a MacBook Pro running Presonus’ Capture™ The camera audio was not usable and this mix was done especially for the YouTube OOT Video.

FOSTERCHILD – Under the Influence Vol. 1


January – March 2010
Engineered, mixed & mastered 5 of 6 songs on: CD “Under The Influence Vol. 1”

Audio: “Under the Influece Vol. 1” Medley

1. After the Fire
2. Down to Us
3. Coming Up
4. Anywhere (Sundown)
5. Only Time Can Tell
6. Feel It

The first song on the CD “After the Fire” was done at Dragonfly Studios in Virginia. The remaining five were done here; … Start to finish. Recorded/Engineered, Mixed and Mastered. I even got the original ProTools HD mix of “After the Fire” and mastered that as well to make the CD one whole project coming out of Wombat Studio.

Brian Bortnick … searching for answers

bdbBrian David Bortnick

August 2009
Mixed and mastered 5 song CD “searching for answers…”

Audio: “searching for answers…” Medley

1. Heaven’s Treasure
2. Confessions
3. Kingdom Come
4. The One
5. Out On the Water

Brian had tracked most of this CD at Echo Studios (I think) and had me finish it up by tracking keyboards and some additional vocals. Also one guitar part was redone. All of the projects were in Digital Performer 6 and I had never set eyes on DP before. I learned the program to do the recording as well as the final mix. Once I thought I was there, Brian pushed me farther to have some fun doing things that I would have (maybe) never done live.

Xtension Party Mastering

xtension-partyXtension Party

July 2009
Mastered 14 song CD

1. I Love Blue
2. Normal Man
3. Eastern Bloc
4. Workin Man Graveyard
5. She’s No Good
6. Do You Up
7. Bustin’ Britches Bert
8. Jam
9. This Is Love
10. Touching Eyes
11. Louisiana
12. Nervous Passenger
13. Urban Mouse
14. Harmony Rainbow

Took the mixes that my brother Tom did on his portable recording unit and mastered into some excitement and volume (Loud Wars). The excitement brought out a bit of the recordings that were already harsh. I would have liked a complete remix before this mastering job, but up against time and a desire to save money on the project it was done real quick. As I recall, a while you wait type of deal.

FOSTERCHILD 4 song demo


April 2009
Engineered 4 song demo

1. After the Fire
2. Only Time Can Tell
3. Deaf and Speechless
4. Concrete Savior

This is the experience as covered on the “About” page. Soundcraft Series Two direct outs via a MOTU 24io into a PC running Cubase SX3. Because of edits and the software, I had to bounce out track by track in real time (it seems) in order to send these tracks to the producer who mixed these tracks. I landed a lot of airplanes. ‘course I had a whack at some mixes too. This session’s “After the Fire” is the backing track to Fosterchild’s “After the Fire” video, so tracked at WombatStudio.Org and mixed by Jim Ebert.