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Tommy Conwell

TommyConwellTommy Conwell

Tommy Conwell came in to record the anthem for Wing Bowl 2015.

Input list

  • Drums: Bob Pirylis, Jr.
    1. SubKick: Wombat
    2. Kick: Shure Beta-52
    3. Snare Top: Shure SM-57
    4. Snare Bottom: Shure SM-57
    5. Rack Tom: Sennheiser 421
    6. Floor Tom: Sennheiser 421
    7. Hat: Shure SM-81
    8. OH Left: MXL 2001
    9. OH Right: MXL 2001
    10. Ride: MXL 603
    11. Room: dbx RTA
  • Bass: Michael Vlaanderen
    1. Fender Jazz: Whirlwind IMP2
  • Guitar/Vocals: Tommy Conwell
    1. Gibson Les Paul Custom: Shure SM-57
    2. Gibson Les Paul Custom: Sennheiser 421
    3. Fender Telecaster: Shure SM-57
    4. Fender Telecaster: Sennheiser 421
    5. Vocals: Shure SM7b
  • Vocals: Brian Quinn
    1. Vocals: Shure SM7b

Ever/After II


On Saturday, July 19th, 2014 Infamous Philly Drummer Jim Drnec came in to lay drum tracks on the first 3 new Ever/After tunes for their second CD.

Check out this video from the session.

Input List:

  1. SubKick: homemade (6.5″ speaker)
  2. Kick: AKG D112
  3. Snare Top: Shure SM57
  4. Snare Bottom: Shure SM57
  5. Rack 1: Sennheiser E604
  6. Rack 2: Sennheiser MD421II
  7. Floor 1: Sennheiser MD421II
  8. Floor 2: Sennheiser MD421II
  9. Hat: Shure SM81
  10. LOH: MXL2001
  11. ROH: MXL2001
  12. Ride: MXL603
  13. Room: dbx RTA

Jeffrey Gaines

jeffrey-gainesJeffrey Gaines

December 26th, 2013

A quick set with Jeffrey Gaines at the Bridgeport Ribhouse.

Kevin Burk asked me to come out and capture this performance.  It started out being just an acoustic with percussion and turned into a full band.  He also played 20 minutes shy of 4 hours straight!

Hopefully I’ll get to share some of this soon?  … and yes, he did “In Your Eyes” …

UPDATE April 14, 2015: It’s been almost a year and a half, so here’s a rough of “In Your Eyes” –