Website Update

drumsSo there’s been a lot of talk about web sites lately that I decided it was my turn.  I developed the last site from scratch creating my own theme, but this time I decided to let other people do the work for me.

I updated just about as much stuff as I thought would make the site presentable.  Those things that may look out of place have probably already been fixed before you’ll even read this.  And … if you are reading, I thank you.  Attention spans for reading are few and far between, especially videos that may be longer than 7 seconds.  Oh my?!

The thing that’s really cool about this version is that it’s “responsive” in that it displays as best it can on many different devices.  Also, using HTML5 for the media so that MP3s and videos can playback on a multitude of devices.  The old site used Flash and stuff, and Apple products notoriously do not support Adobe’s Flash.  Let’s hope they never do.

Anyway, let me know if you miss the old site or like the new one.

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