Kharma Train Round 2

KharmaTrainKharma Train got a new drummer (not the one in this picture) and wanted to run off more songs for their promo demo.  About 3 hours and 26 songs later … The band was recorded live.

Input List:

  1. SubKick (Homemade)
  2. Kick (Shure Beta52)
  3. Snare Top (Shure SM57)
  4. Snare Bottom (Shure SM57)
  5. Tom1 (Sennheiser 421)
  6. Tom2 (Sennheiser 421)
  7. Tom3 (Sennheiser 421)
  8. Hat (Shure SM81)
  9. Left Overhead (MXL 2001)
  10. Right Overhead (MXL 2001)
  11. Ride (MXL 603)
  12. Room (dbx RTA)
  13. Bass (Whirlwind IMP2)
  14. Acoustic Guitar (Direct Out)
  15. Electric Guitar (Direct)
  16. Backup Vocal (Audix OM7)
  17. Lead Vocal (Shure SM7B)

Each song’s quick mix/master took about an hour.  Lot of work for a simple 3 hour session!

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