Jaco Pastorius Tribute

WombatStudio200Jaco Pastorius Tribute
April 15, 2012
Jaco Pastorius Tribute

The Jaco Pastorius Tribute Sunday, April 15th, 2012 at The Bridgeport Ribhouse; Gerald Veasley: bass, Ishmael Wilburn: drums, Pablo Batista: percussion, Joe Mass: guitar, E.J. Yellen: sax and EWI, Jeff ‘Blondy’ Von Stenz: trumpet, James Witherite: keyboards

1. Three Views of a Secret
2. Barbary Coast
3. Havona
4. A Remark You Made
5. Liberty City
6. The Chicken
7. Birdland

Recorded live and later mixed in Pro Tools for video syncing. Here is that video:

Hint: Skip to 6:30 for the music.

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