Sony MDR-7506 headphones new ear pads

Resurrecting my Sony MDR-7506 headphones with new ear pads. I don’t have a photo of their condition before removal, but they were shot … All the vinyl was missing and we were down to exposed cloth-like stuff … Once I removed the old pads, here’s what the headphones looked like.

Pads removed

… and then the new pads …

Pads replaced

These headphones have been going since I borrowed a pair from Dave Landry. They impressed immediately and I didn’t let them go. Unfortunately, Dave wanted them back, so I went and bought my own pair. This was Christmas 1999.

They’ve been through hell and still sound excellent so that’s why I use them for all tracking in the studio.

I got the replacements from Sweetwater.Com … Another thing I should not have put off …

One thought on “Sony MDR-7506 headphones new ear pads”

  1. Hey man, I had these handed down from my father and even if it wasn’t one of the last few possessions he shared after he passed, I’d still buy the new ear pads.

    cheers to a great product!

    by the way can we by any chance get the extra fluffy new ear pads they sell for the 70mm series headphones, those things are bada$$

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