Xtension Party Mastering

xtension-partyXtension Party

July 2009
Mastered 14 song CD

1. I Love Blue
2. Normal Man
3. Eastern Bloc
4. Workin Man Graveyard
5. She’s No Good
6. Do You Up
7. Bustin’ Britches Bert
8. Jam
9. This Is Love
10. Touching Eyes
11. Louisiana
12. Nervous Passenger
13. Urban Mouse
14. Harmony Rainbow

Took the mixes that my brother Tom did on his portable recording unit and mastered into some excitement and volume (Loud Wars). The excitement brought out a bit of the recordings that were already harsh. I would have liked a complete remix before this mastering job, but up against time and a desire to save money on the project it was done real quick. As I recall, a while you wait type of deal.

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