FOSTERCHILD 4 song demo


April 2009
Engineered 4 song demo

1. After the Fire
2. Only Time Can Tell
3. Deaf and Speechless
4. Concrete Savior

This is the experience as covered on the “About” page. Soundcraft Series Two direct outs via a MOTU 24io into a PC running Cubase SX3. Because of edits and the software, I had to bounce out track by track in real time (it seems) in order to send these tracks to the producer who mixed these tracks. I landed a lot of airplanes. ‘course I had a whack at some mixes too. This session’s “After the Fire” is the backing track to Fosterchild’s “After the Fire” video, so tracked at WombatStudio.Org and mixed by Jim Ebert.

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